Já dizem que é uma questão de ponto de vista...
Verdades absolutas são todas contestáveis.

segunda-feira, 16 de agosto de 2010

European Love

I've been erasing lines
That I wrote to you
And if you only knew
The way you change my mood
How you make me laugh
Like I never thought I would
You have the power of making me sad

If you only knew
That I'd crawl on pigeons
If it was for you

And you're me ceiling, my floor, my walls
My unbreakeable bone
The prettiest of my deranged draws
Everything I wish I owned

So don't go away
I wanna make us bright
Promise that you'll stay
In the time of my life

God, I need you
Yeah, if you only knew
That these words aren't enough
Honey, you'd be sure
That no one has loved you so much

Do I really need to say it was for you?

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