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domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

Aged sixteen and a half

Every couple has a stronger side - that's a fact (at least that's what they say). From this point, no big deal.
But what strikes me most, what I did not know indeed is that sometimes one beautiful, inteligent,
can feel amazed in such way to diminish it's own power.
At least that's the matter with me.
I have always thought myself as a great person to date. As you can see, I have also always been the stronger side - although I like to role play as the weakest.
But then I went out with a person who introduced a whole new world to me. A place - and age, I must add - where only mattered things I'd cared of.
Of course I'd feel small. Almost a bug. But not a disgusting bug; I felt like a ladybug. Which is too small, too pretty, too childish to date.
So I was not surprised when he did not call - I surely was expecting him to do so, but I knew he probably would not so soon.
A friend of mine told me that this should not be healthy for me, as I would easily fall for someone that perfect. Perfection that makes me think that he was even a psycopath. Yeah, this could be his flaw! But truth is, he is not.
Truth is I should be with him, he should call me.
But he will not, course.
To my beloved alter-ego.

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