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quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2012


Once upon a time, there was a pretty girl and a handsome boy.
The handsome boy believed in singing, reading, painting and perhaps, in loving as well - and so did the pretty girl.
You see, these two kids were very fond of each other. In fact, the pretty girl sunk for the boy, and the boy perhaps cared about her too.
As they grew closer, the handsome boy confessed to the girl that he found it impossible to produce great art without any suffering, especially the ones regarding love. What he meant by that (what the poor girl understood), was that people should always be in pain in order to offer goods to mankind. He was both sadist and cold to her mind.
However, she could not pretend not to understand it. She did, as she was an artist herself.
Some months - which felt like days or weeks - went by, and they were happy at being together and apart.
Then, the handsome, dream-like boy came to the girl with a gloat: he found a way of saying exactly what every girl wanted to hear, but in the worst possible way. It would seem cute and recklessly careful, like a boy should act.
So the poor girl was sad and cried herslf to sleep - just two tears actually, one for loving him and the other for expecting her to be loved back.

At last, she decided to bear disappointment by thinking he wanted to make her sad just so she would write beautiful stories about their love, to make it great, and  only she herself could ever be able to.

You see, she was so blind,that pretty girl... She was still standing up for that little prick!

oh, stop stupidity.

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