Já dizem que é uma questão de ponto de vista...
Verdades absolutas são todas contestáveis.

sexta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2012


1st Be better than yesterday
2nd Hatred doesn`t make ignorant people any wiser. Be kind to everybody.
3rd Don`t delay HW corrections - organise yourself
4th Think: you have it all
5th Tell people how you feel about them, they are not forever lasting: no regrets
6th You will get the job: students and teachers love you!
7th Travelling is coming: believe harder!
8th Stop eating candies - apples are way cooler
9th You don`t need that shoe that much - save it
10th Study your ass off for CPE - you wanna pass with flying colours, don`t you?
11th Write something everyday - you like it
12th Finish started books (you like that too)
13th Look for different places - you are eager for it
14th Believe in compliments, PLEASE
15th Listen to mom because she`s freaking smart
16th Don`t tell your plans around (even friends can be accidentally jealous)
17th No heart break can take too long to heal when it comes to you
18th BTW, having your heart broken would seem like an interesting change.
19th Stop self sabotaging. Stop hipocrisy, you know what you are.
20th Don`t forget to decide about the UNIS!
21st Everyday before sleeping, remember you`re halfway there already, and that`s all you.

If only she had half of these goals...

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